Scarlet Play Dr Martens Store Chester for Play Different - Warren Millar

Scarlet Play Dr Martens Store Chester for Play Different

I was highly honoured to be asked by "Scarlet" and Dr Martens to photograph their "Play Different" gig at the Chester store last week. Jessie the lead singer of Scarlet is a good friend of mine and a real star, she even picked me up in their new tour bus (She only picked it up the same day) and gave me a lift to the gig. This was one of sixteen Dr. Martens "Play Different" gigs going on the same night all over the country. I also have to say a massive thanks to the Staff at the Chester Store who were very helpful and friendly. Brewdog even supplied free beer for the night ! Needless to say "Scarlet" played a real blinder of a set even though space was tight and it was somewhat stripped back from their normal set. So all in all a great evening and thanks to Dr martens for a brand new pair of DM's which I will now wear and always remind me of a great night out in Chester with very talented guys and girls. All images taken on Fujifilm cameras. A great band, and two great brands in Dr Martens and Fujifilm....... Love and Peace Warren

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